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We are a small business and we like it that way!
Our team consists of experienced, passionate, dedicated individuals who share the common values and work ethic that embraces a 'can do' attitude and engages a hands-on approach. Together, we work hard to deliver the right outcomes for the clients we represent.

Isabel Zamora de Schuster

Born in Lima and educated in Peru and Europe, Isabel Zamora de Schuster has worked in sales leadership positions for the most renowned tourism companies in Austria, Peru and Spain. Isabel Zamora de Schuster founded isareps in July 2010 to satisfy the growing need of hotel companies and destinations of many Latin American and European countries to market their brands in new and innovative ways. A dramatically changing global economy, and the necessity to cost effectively manage international sales, marketing and PR channels are driving the need for a new representation and sales and marketing model. Isabel Zamora de Schuster speaks Spanish, English, German and a bit of Portuguese, and enjoys dancing as well as singing. She resides with her husband Michael and her two children Lucia & Rafael in Vienna, Austria.

Decades of experience

With over 25 years’ experience, we provide:

  • an understanding of what our customer needs
  • connections to the world, building global partnerships
  • a commitment to delivering exceptional, creative proposals and competitive pricing
  • solid markets knowledge
  • tailor-made, customer driven solutions
  • attention to detail – and specially to you


To position your Brand and Services in your target markets at competitive prices and by specific tailor made Sales & Marketing solutions, increase your profitability


isareps will be the acknowledged global leader and prime address in the field of tourism representations for all clients targeting to position their brand and product in Europe and Latin America.


We aim to increase occupancy rates and average revenues consistently over time of our client’s properties and products.


isareps provides business solutions, development opportunities, sales, marketing and commercial strategies and project managing throughout every relationship.

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